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The McCauley Group

is a disabled veteran and Army Reservist owned and operated, full-spectrum law-enforcement and defense products and services business with a global reach capable of legally dealing, manufacturing, importing, exporting, and brokering in any weapons or explosives from handguns to hand-grenades.

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About Us

Located south of Houston, Texas; The McCauley Group (TMG) is a unique company bringing potent capabilities to the law-enforcement and defense marketplaces in the form of a lean and agile small-business able to legally and competently do what previously only large defense companies are able to do. Be it supplying flash-bangs and less-lethal munitions at midnight during a crisis situation for a local police department; or exporting a large shipment of weapons, explosives, and night-vision to a foreign government; TMG is here to facilitate and support whatever your mission needs are.

Unlike other vendors in the law-enforcement marketplace who lack the licenses, facilities, and know-how to possess and store various items from flash-bangs grenades and less-lethal launchers, to high-explosives and automatic weapons; these items are TMG’s bread and butter. We keep a large variety of both explosives such as flash-bang and det-cord, and also less-lethal weapons such as 40mm less-lethal launchers and a wide variety of ammunition on hand; and ready for both demonstrations, retail purchase, or on a contingency basis.

Additionally, TMG’s reach extends far beyond just the Houston area to span the globe. As an importer and exporter of both firearms and explosives, TMG is able to lawfully import, export, or broker the sales of virtually any weapon or other Defense Article. Our breadth of knowledge and expertise of how to navigate the often byzantine regulations of both the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF); and the State Department’s, Department of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR); allow us to work with both governmental and private entities to punch well above our weight.

TMG holds the following licenses and registrations:
  • Type 10, Manufacturer of Destructive Devices, Federal Firearms License
  • Type 08, Importer of Firearms, Federal Firearms License
  • Type 20, Manufacturer of Explosives, Federal Explosives License
  • Type 23, Importer of Explosives, Federal Explosives License
  • DDTC Registration as a Manufacturer, Exporter, Broker
  • Arms Export Control Act (AECA) Registration



McCauley Group offers training in a variety of weapons and explosives.

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Offering expert advice, help and support with importing of firearms.

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Offering help with the exportation of firearms outside the USA.

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We will help you with the brokering of sales and transfers of firearms.

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R & D

The McCauley Group also offer research and development testing.

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Compliance Consulting

Help with regulation compliance.

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ALS Products

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